Our guests are the pride of Wilderness Place Lodge! View our collection of Alaska guest memories including photos and videos.

Memoirs of Alaska Fishing Guests

Memories and accounts of our Alaska fishing lodge guests at Wilderness Place Lodge Alaska. Videos and photo collections from our great world fishing friends.
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Wilderness Place Lodge - Guest Memories

Enjoy this collection of fishing trip memories created by past lodge guests. These videos and slideshows celebrate what makes this place so special and what a blessing it is to be a part of it. We owe so much to our loyal "family of friends" from all over the world! Thank you!

2013 Summer Lodge Season Photo Slide Show - Thanks for the great Memories All!

Steven Root's Great Alaska Fishing Adventure!- PDF file Join avid Minnesota fishing guru Steven Root on his first Alaska fishing adventure at Wilderness Place Lodge!

Excellent trip memoir written by Perry Holbrook- PDF file

Awesome video by Tom & Matt outlining their special father-son fishing trip in August of 2011. Cheers guys! We truly enjoyed your time with us.

Video by Don & Trish of their fishing experience. Great people!

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