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Alaska Fishing ~ Scenic Lake Creek

Alaska Fishing on a remote, scenic freestone river system does not get any better! We offer the finest in spin and fly fishing for all species of salmon and native trout. Fishing Wilderness Place Lodge on Lake Creek, Alaska -- an experience for the young and young at heart!
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Alaska Fishing: Salmon, Trout, Fishing Guides & Information

Fishing Alaska is an experience like none other. We strive to bring you the best Alaska fishing experience keeping it small, simple and flexible. Our fishing guides are not just great spin and fly fishing instructors, but they are also conservationists and great people that love fishing and calling the Alaskan wilderness their summer home. View our peak fishing calendar to help plan your ideal trip. We offer a variety of great Alaska fishing trip packages for all abilities and ages.

Wilderness Place Lodge accommodates a maximum of only 16 guests. Upon arrival at the lodge, guests are assigned with a fishing guide who will accompany them during the course of their stay. We focus on providing one fishing guide per 2-3 guests. Lake Creek Alaska, our home river, offers some of the finest spin and fly fishing trips for all Alaska salmon species, (King, Sockeye, Silver, Chum and Pink Salmon), rainbow trout and arctic grayling. Lake Creek is a clearwater mountain tributary running 60 miles North to South from its source at Lake Chelatna in the Alaska mountain range to the confluence of the glacial Yentna River. Lake Creek is a meandering freestone river featuring many isolated islands, gravel bars, braids, runs and backwater areas. Lake Creek is easily fished by spin and fly fishing enthusiasts alike. Wade fishing is our preference for both salmon and trout fishing throughout the summer. We offer inclusive, deluxe Alaska fishing packages for any duration. We also offer special Anchorage day fishing trips.

Alaska salmon fishing and trout fishing is excellent and our picturesque clearwater river is like none other. King Salmon are the first species to enter our river in early June. King salmon range from 20 - 50 pounds in Lake Creek with some exceeding 60lbs. King salmon fishing is by both spin and fly fishing techniques. King fishing remains good through July 10. By mid-July, large number of sockeye salmon arrive. Sockeye average 4 - 8 pounds in Lake Creek and are renowned for their quantity and fighting ability. Within a few days of the arrival of sockeye salmon, pink salmon (2 - 5 lbs), silver salmon (8 - 14 lbs) and chum salmon (8 - 16 lbs) arrive. Pink, Silver and Chum fishing peaks from mid-July through August 25. Rainbow trout fishing is excellent throughout the season at Lake Creek and provides a consistent alternative to salmon fishing during your trip. Many large native rainbows roam Lake Creek and are an awesome thrill for fly fishing and spin fishing enthusiasts alike.

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Peak Alaska Fishing Seasons
Our Alaska fishing lodge offers awesome salmon fishing, trout and grayling. View our Alaska Fishing Season Calendar to plan your Alaska fishing trip:
King Salmon June 5 - July 10
Silver Salmon July 18 - Aug 25
Chum Salmon July 25 - Aug 25
Sockeye Salmon July 13 - July 25
Pink Salmon July 15 - Aug 15
Rainbow Trout June 1 - Sept 10
Arctic Grayling Alaska Float Trips

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