Wilderness Place Lodge offers deluxe Alaska salmon fishing trips for spin and fly fishing enthusiasts.

Fishing Alaska Salmon ~ Custom Vacations

Alaska Salmon Fishing on our clear-water river system does not get any better! We offer the best spin and fly fishing for all Alaska salmon. Plan your Salmon fishing trip based on our peak salmon run calendar. We're happy to assist in your planning! Inquire Here.
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Alaska Salmon Fishing: Salmon Fishing Trip Planning

Alaska salmon fishing is a venue on the bucket list of many fishing enthusiasts world-wide. Fishing a freestone, clear-water Alaska river system during the peak of the salmon runs is as exhilarating as it gets! Pursue your favorite salmon quarry by boat, wading, or walking the many gravel bars of our river. Lake Creek, our home river, receives strong runs of all Alaska salmon species: King Salmon (June/early July), Sockeye Salmon (mid-July), Pink Salmon (mid-July through mid-August), Silver salmon (mid-July through late August) and Chum Salmon (Late July - Early September).

Planning your Alaska salmon fishing trip depends on the type of fishing you prefer to do. King Salmon in June and early July provide the ultimate trophy quarry for both spin and fly fishermen. Kings average 20 - 40 pounds in our river with trophies reaching and sometimes exceeding 60 pounds! Along with great trout fishing, King Salmon fishing is the ultimate reward in freshwater sport fishing. Their drag-ripping fights are unparalleled. King fishing is something you must experience at least once in your lifetime! Mid to late July through August on the other hand offers the largest diversity of fishing. Four different salmon species run almost simultaneously in our river system. Weighing in between 3 and 15 pounds; sockeye, pink, chum and silver salmon are quite smaller than the kings, but come in very large numbers. Huge quantities of fish and a good variety of species makes July and August a popular venue for spin fishing and fly fishing in Alaska.

We strive to bring you the best Alaska salmon fishing experience keeping it small, simple and flexible. We provide high quality spin and fly fishing gear, Simms Waders, tackle, flies and accessories at no charge! Our fishing guides are not just great spin and fly fishing instructors, but they are also conservationists and great people that love fishing and calling the Alaskan wilderness their summer home. Check our our Alaska salmon fishing trip packages and plan your salmon fishing trip to Alaska!

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