View our Alaska vacation travel guide for ideas for destinations outside of your fishing lodge stay.

Alaska Vacation Guides & Resources

On our Alaska vacation guide and resource page, we highlight some suggested attractions, hotels and restaurants in Anchorage and beyond. We recommend these attractions prior to or following you stay with us at Wilderness Place Lodge.
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Alaska Vacation Guide: hotels, restaurants and attractions in Anchorage and beyond

Prior to your stay with us at Wilderness Place Lodge and after you depart, we offer to help plan the remainder of you Alaska vacation in Anchorage and beyond. Below is a selection of preferred Anchorage hotels, restaurants and attractions you many consider taking advantage of. Aside, we are also happy to suggest many other attractions, accommodations and venues throughout the rest of Alaska. We hope that your adventure in Alaska is a memorable one, both at our lodge and other whereabouts in the great state of Alaska. Enjoy and have fun!

A little background on Alaska...

Alaska is the largest state in the U.S. Alaska hosts the tallest mountain in the North American continent, "Denali," at 20,320 feet. Only 1% of Alaska is constituted of privately owned land. Alaska was purchased from Russia for around 7 million US dollars. At first this purchase was not popular among Americans, dubbing the purchase 'Seward's Folly' (named after the U.S. Secretary of State who engineered the sale, William Seward). Before too long, large amounts of gold and many other minerals were discovered, followed by oil and gas reserves. Alaska became a territory in 1912, and was admitted to the U.S. union on January 3rd, 1959. it then became the 49th state.

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