Support our Lake Creek Conservation Project to help preserve the beauty and ecology of our Alaska river.

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Lake Creek, Alaska Rivers Conservation and Stewardship

This is not just about business, but about a higher responsibility and that is to be caregivers for that place, that resource that supplies all of us with great memories, great fishing and a grasp of the beauty of places less traveled by. With that in mind, we are working to establish a non-profit fund we can allocate to manage Lake Creek, its fishery and preserve this resource for all future generations to experience it. Our goal is that the way it is will forever be and then just a little better. Check back often as this is a work in progress. We have many great ideas on how to move forward and will be posting about progress on our non-profit in upcoming months. We appreciate any support or feedback from our loyal customers. Thank you!

Also, please take the time to visit the Renewable Resource Coalition website. These are some exceptional people tackling some exceptionally large tasks to assure your fishing trip to Alaska is to a place un-trampled by man and preserved for the awesome fishery it is. Without stewardship, honestly none of us.. businesses included could not assure the experience we ramble on about. The substance of the place and the experience is preserved by the care givers. Support these folks as they're here to work for you and work for that in which you care so much to preserve!